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RS Taichi sponsors some of the top racers around the world.  But RS Taichi isn't as big budget an operation compared to some other moto apparel companies.  So you won't always see Taichi on the guys that wear whatever brand can pay them the most. 

Where you will see Taichi is on guys who aren't willing to compromise on safety.  And being worn by racers who want to be able to look a fan in the eyes and say that what they are wearing on track is identical to what the fan can buy from their local Taichi dealer.  Taichi's top level race suits are handmade in Japan, with pro-sponsored suits constructed side by side with customer orders, from the same materials and using the same engineering.  Or you'll see Taichi on smaller race teams whose budgets require a suit to withstand multiple crashes with minimal repairs.

Many of our sponsored racers have sought Taichi out because they WANT to be in Taichi, not because Taichi was the highest bidder for their endorsement.  And many of them stick with Taichi because they've experienced the Taichi quality and protection first hand.  Racing is a business for these guys.  We get that.  And sometimes you gotta go where the paycheck is.  But for many racers around the world, pro and amateur, Taichi is the brand they choose for comfort, protection, and quality.


Taichi proudly supplies safety gear for the following professional racers:


Kevin Schwantz - former World Champion and MotoGP Legend

Nobuatsu Aoki - Suzuki MotoGP test rider, former MotoGP factory rider

Josh Hayes - AMA Superbike and Three Time AMA Superbike Champion

Azlan Shah - Moto2 World Championship

Tetsu Nagashima - Moto2 World Championship

Hafizh Syahrin - Moto2 World Championship

Dane Westby - AMA Daytona Sportbike

Chris Ulrich - AMA Superbike

Jake Holden - AMA Superbike

Jason Aguilar - AMA Supersport

Michael Barnes - AMA Daytona Sportbike, AMA Harley Davidson Series

Curtis Murray - AMA Supersport

CJ Crosslin - AMA Supersport

Conner Blevins - AMA Supersport

Tyler O'Hara - AMA Harley-Davidson Series

Josh Chisum - AMA Harley-Davidson Series

Nick Hansen - AMA Harley-Davicson Series

Brandon Cretu - Isle of Mann TT and Macau GP


Please note, the riders listed above are sponsored by RS Taichi or wear RS Taichi products in competition, but may not necessarily have an affiliation with Moto Liberty or TaichiMoto directly.