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Thank you for visiting TaichiMoto.com!  TaichiMoto is THE premier source for RS Taichi products and information in the U.S.  TaichiMoto is run by the same people as Moto Liberty, the #1 Motorcycle Gear Store in Texas, and US Distributor for RS Taichi.  We are RS Taichi specialists, but that's because we were RS Taichi enthusiasts first.  We have been in tight with RS Taichi for years, traveling to races, representing RS Taichi at AMA and MotoGP events, and personally using their gear on a regular basis.  We have outfitted professional race teams, amateur club racers, and street riders of every variety in RS Taichi gear.  Through that longstanding affiliation, we found that RS Taichi makes some the best riding gear available anywhere in the world.  And the brand is growing by leaps and bounds in the U.S. every year.  The more people see RS Taichi products in person, or hear the glowing reviews from friends and in the media, the more they realize that it's the best stuff to come out of Japan since sushi.  That's why Taichi gear keeps popping up in professional race paddocks and on the cover of major moto-magazines more and more. 

So, we decided to use that unique knowledge and relationship to bring RS Taichi to American motorcyclists by launching a brand-dedicated retail site that properly represents what RS Taichi is all about.  As the US Distributor for Taichi, Moto Liberty still strongly encourages you to support and order through your local Taichi dealer.  But, we also know that sometimes ordering exclusive (and very technical) gear is difficult when availability locally is so limited.  Our goal is to provide the most complete information, best pictures and videos, sizing guidance, outstanding customer service, and a directly-imported-from-Japan-just-for-you level of availability, so that you can finally have access to the stuff you really want.  You know, the stuff that makes you get all kid-on-Christmas-morning when you see that brown box sitting on your doorstep.  The stuff that your friends all want to check out at the meet up spot.  The stuff that you KNOW did it's job at that last track day better than anything you've ridden with previously.  Not just the good stuff - the BEST stuff.  RS Taichi from TaichiMoto.com.



TaichiMoto.com is a division of Hill Country Moto Enterprises and Moto Liberty.  If you are in the Dallas area please feel free to visit the main Moto Liberty store in person at:

Moto Liberty
2821 LBJ Freeway
Dallas, TX 75234


RS Taichi - The Brand


taichi-story01.gifTaichi Yoshimura was born in 1946 in Osaka, Japan. He was a factory Suzuki Rider from 1966 until 1972. Taichi was the All Japan National Champion in the 125cc class in 1967, and was one of the more well respected racers in Japan.

In 1971 Taichi competed in various World Grand Prix events as a representative of Japan. Then, in 1972, Taichi rode for Honda, and brought them their first motocross victory.

Taichi Yoshimura retired from motocross in 1974, and in 1976 set out to pursue his dream of creating the ultimate motorcycle retail store. Taichi’s vision was to utilize all of his knowledge and experience in the racing world to create RS TAICHI products. Soon his reputation grew tremendously, as riders with the same sense of values would come to appreciate the RS TAICHI brand.

taichi-story02.gifTaichi Yoshimura continues to enjoy all aspects of motorcycling. His experience as a motorcycle racer is reflected in all RS TAICHI products. No compromises are ever made, and every product represents Taichi’s relentless pursuit to ensure only the very best products are made for our customers.


taichi-story03.gifCurrently growing as a world-renowned brand, RS TAICHI has developed many new and innovative products with the help of its knowledgeable staff of motorcycle enthusiasts who enjoy the challenge of creating the best products with the rider in mind.